Student of Bina Bangsa School Enjoying Aartificial Ssoccer Field

Indonesia is a tropical country with a piercing equatorial sunshine all year round.
Half of the year it will not rain one drop for weeks on end, while the other half of the year sees daily torrential downpours.
For schools it is therefore a huge cost to maintain a beautiful natural grass lawn on which the children can practice sports or play all year round.
Students are deprived of a proper break or sports lessons on a comfortable surface when the ground is hard and dry or water-logged.

Therefore we are very happy with two recent projects by our expert Indonesian partners in the capital Jakarta, which allows children to play all year round.
The Bina Bangsa School is set up to provide an internationally recognized education in Indonesia so that children can benefit from a good education and a loving family environment. With its vision of: “… an environment nurturing life-long learners…” the school has chosen Domo and installed our topclass Vario Slide Excellence 50 to provide a sports field for the students.
Installing an oasis of green natural looking grass in the middle of this learning environment also has a calming relaxing effect which benefits the hard-working students.

The renowned North Jakarta International School (NJIS), has used Domo Champion Supreme to give their playground a makeover.
The NJIS Newsletter had the following to say: “ [ ] Considerable care and effort was taken in creating a safe play environment for our students.
The original surface was cleared of stones and tree roots and replaced with a level surface of sand and durable artificial grass. [ ].”
When talking to Mr. Cook, the head of the school, he expressed that he was very happy with the natural looking effect and that not only the children were delighted with the new grass surface but that the parents were also extremely pleased.

Many thanks to Premium Interindo.

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