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Golf… for some the perfect time to close business deals, for others a perfect excuse to escape the confi nes of the offi ce, for most a pleasant way to exercise and relax.
No matter why you play the game or what your handicap is… the enjoyment largely depends on the quality and design of the golf course.
Golf courses are often designed by specialists who have to make sure the course is challenging enough, but also suitable for all handicaps.
These designers also need to make sure the course is visually pleasing as well as easy and cost-effective to maintain.

This is exactly where the expertise of DOMO Sports and Leisure Grass is of invaluable assistance.
DOMO Sports and Leisure Grass has designed a full range of Golf Grass that caters to the specific needs of any Golf Course owner or designer as well as professional and leisure golfers.
Domo is the only company in the world that can offer grass suited to cover every sq mm of a golf course.
We have Grass for the Green, the Fringe or Collar, the Fairway, the Rough as well as driving mats.
Every product has its own characteristics that mimic the ideal natural grass conditions and allow players a maximum enjoyment and employment of their skills.
DOMO Golf Grass is the result of a unique development and production process, combining state-of-the-art new generation fi bre types.
This makes our Golf Grass absolute top quality with extreme durability and a very natural look.
We have done a 2 year long research on golf technical characteristics like stimp speed, impact absorption and testing lines and have developed the perfect products in answer to that.

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