More Carpet, Less Dust

Recent study by the German Allergy and Asthma association (DAAB) 

  • The limit of dust particles allowed in the city: maximum 50 ùg/m³
  • Frequent or long-term exposure to higher values is harmful  
  • Maximum limit is exceeded more often than generally assumed
  • In households with solid floors the researchers used 186 measurement points and recorded and average of 62,9 ùg/m³
  • The same research took place in households with carpet flooring. Average result was only 30,4 ùg/m³ or less than half that of solid flooring
  • For the DAAB this means that for persons with respiratory problems the correct flooring is a preventive measure. But even for healthy persons choosing the correct flooring could reduce the risk of respiratory problems.
  • Carpet will contain dust particles and prevent them floating around in the air we breath. It remains very important to vacuum your carpet regularly to prevent the particles from being released.  

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