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A monofilament fibre is a chubby, type-like yarn extruded immediately in its original shape. It has no side incisions, which means the yarn will not split vertically, and therefore resist wear and tear. Monofilament fibres allow players to get their foot easily under the ball for a better, controlled technique.
A fibrillated fibre is also a tape-like yarn, but cut out of extruded artificial grass foil, which means it actually has two edges. Afterwards, small incisions are made into the tape, giving it its typical honeycomb structure. Fibrillated fibres hold the rubber infill better, preventing it to jump up during play.
The DOMO C@F (Combined Advanced Fibre) is a combination of both yarns, together in one tuft, thereby combining the advantages of the two yarn constructions: monofilament, to keep the artificial grass up-right and fibrillated, to ensure a good cover of the rubber infill. This combination ensures a unique, real grass blade look, with a natural green colour. DOMO Sports Grass succeeded in producing the C@F yarn out of 100% polyethylene (PE), making the pitch supple and comfortable during play.
Our products come in different varieties: fibrillated only, monofilament only, pre-fibrillated and even the combination of fibrillated and monofilament yarn to provide both advantages in one investment.
Dtex is the measurement of yarn weight in grams per 10.000 running meter. In the product specification sheet, it must be always mentioned. This is the parameter of the yarn density and quality concern. The higher the dtex, the greater, stronger and more durable the yarn is.

Thanks to Domo Varioslide turf that had reached 16.000 dtex yarn so far (the highest in the market is 14.000 dtex). Most of Asian product is produced in 8.800 dtex which slightly reduce the product price.
Polymers Polyolefine Polyamide(PA) or nylon Polypropylene PP Polyethylene LDPE (PE) Polyethylene HDPE (PE)
- - expensive
- low UV stability
- very rough
- rough
- not resistant to low temperatures
- reaction to SBR
- LDPE = too supple
- weak resistance
- unyielding
- medium resistance
- to low temp
+ - good resillience
- good wear resistance
- price
- good wear resistance to sand
- soft
- low heat friction
- good resillience
- high UV resistance
- high wear resistance
  Fibrillated fibre Monofilament fibre DOMO C@F
Durability * ** **
Resilience (kick) * ** **
Playability (grip) ** * ***
Foot stability ** * ***
Sliding friendliness ** * **
Resistance to low temperatures (PE) ** ** **