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Stadium Futsal - Makassar
The pioneer of indoor soccer / futsal venue in Makassar - Sulawesi Selatan using artificial grass. Immediately create a new soccer trend in town.

Stadium Futsal

Location at Veteran Street, Makassar - Sulawesi Selatan
No. of pitches: 3 - 1,250m2
Product type: Domo VS Excellence 50 C@F

Accomplished by PT.Premium Interindo on November 2007
The Balls - Sunset Blvd,Bali
One of Indonesia`s indoor soccer / futsal business pioneers, who had owned a well known futsal center in South Jakarta - The Balls, had just opened a new branch in Bali. It aims the local market and also tourist who is still seeking for fun sport like soccer. It has been used for Real Madrid academy training ground as well during rainy weather.

2 indoor soccer pitches - 900m2

Product type: Domo VarioSlide Excellence 50 C@F
Dtex yarn: 15.000 PE
Quality: FIFA 2* Certified grass

Accomplished Date: December 2007
3 Indoor Soccer Pitch
2 Outdoor Soccer Pitch
South Sumatra - Indonesia

qty: 2,000 m2
supply by: PT. Premium Interindo
accomplished on May `07
Arena Futsal - Denpasar, Bali
Located in the central of Denpasar, Bali. It aims the local folks interest in soccer sport. This venue have 3 futsal / indoor soccer pitches (the largest at the moment).

The Arena Futsal Club

Location: Denpasar, Bali
3 indoor soccer / futsal pitches - 1,200 m2
Product type: Domo VS Excellence 35 C@F

Accomplished by PT. Premium Interindo on December`07
Global Futsal
Largest indoor soccer / futsal arena in Kedoya - Puri Indah area. It`s closed by Metro TV HQ (walking distance). This place is famous for students and young families who lived around Puri Indah, Kebon Jeruk, Kedoya, Green Garden and Sunrise that love to play soccer / futsal for health and fun.

Product type: Domo Foot 55 Fibrillated
Dtex Yarn: 8.800 PE

Accomplished on: August 2007