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Because our vinyl floor coverings have a unique wear layer reinforced with Polyurethane (Top Clean®), it requires a minimum maintenance and efforts to keep clean, even in areas where stringent standards of cleanliness must be maintained. For this reason, our products are considered as a very economical flooring investment.
General Cleaning
Daily care : clean the floor with a dry or damp mop.
Cleaning chemicals : neutral floor-cleaner (pH 7-9) e.g. Tarkett Bioclean.
Important : always follow manufacturer's recommendation regarding dosage.
Machine cleaning : use an automatic scrubber. White brushes or a yellow pad are recommended
Periodical Care
Dry buffing with pad will restore dull, worn areas. At all rotation speeds, white or yellow polishing pads are always used. 1000 rev/min. is recommended for optimum results.
The floor shall not be treated with polish.
Stop dirt at the entrance with an effective doormat system. The more dirt stopped at the entrance, the less to clean up in rooms.
Stain Removal
All spills should be wiped up quickly before they have time to set. After you remove the spill, wipe the floor clean with water. Heel marks can be removed with a white nylon cloth.
DO NOT USE benzine, toluol, acetone, tetrachloroethene, thinner, oilwax or strong scouring powders since they damage the floor.

When carts and similar vehicles with black rubber tires are parked on the floor, they leave marks. Pads on the feet of furniture and similar rubber material can cause permanent discolouration and should not be used. If unsure, protect the floor by placing a piece of carpet, cardboard or similar material underneath.
We recommended that footwear with white soles is worn.