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Innovation in synthetic grass quality for sport surface has been improving exceeding expectation. Low maintenance cost, surface stability, less injury and unlimited playing hours are just the short list of advantages presented. International sport associations such as FIFA, FIH, UEFA, Labosport, etc have been paying serious attention, running test and approving artificial turf to replace natural grass field...
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Constructing a professional sporting surface is Premium Interindo’s challenge. We had seen many sport facilities here in Indonesia which are built below standard quality. This could prevent the athletes to perform at their best, higher risk in injury and of course reduce the fun from the sport itself...
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5 Langkah Sukses Bisnis Futsal


Dengan segudang pengalaman dari jual lapangan futsal dan pemasangan karpet futsal, kami dari PT.Premium Interindo berharap 5 langkap berikut ini dapat menjadi acuan dalam mencapai kesuksesan di bisnis futsal


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