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Before installation begins, the sub base must meet the requirement of flatness, leveling and smoothness. At this step, the constructor must prepare the work at different alternatives, such as: using leveling compound or MDF board. The dryness of the concrete must be measured since the material is not suitable for high moisture level condition. Any old flooring surface such as ceramic, wooden parquet, etc. must be demolished and re-screed before performing the sub base preparation step.
Please consult with Premium Interindo's technical advisor to work out the best solution for your current location condition.
Depending on the product specification, there are 2 different way of sport vinyl laying process.


The Omnisports Pro and Competition floorings have been specially designed for loose-laid installation, i.e. without being stuck to the base. This is possible courtesy of the flooring's exceptional dimensional stability. This stability is obtained by the incorporation into the core of the material of an unwoven fibre-glass mat.
This type of installation prevents moisture accumulation on the base and makes it particularly easy to remove the flooring at the end of its life cycle, leaving no glue at the base).
Note: OmniSport Training cannot be loose-laid

Glued Installation

Glued installation is the traditional means of laying PVC flooring when the base is of good quality and not excessively damp. Acrylic glues are most suitable. It's essential to carry out all necessary repairs to the base before gluing. It must be clean, dry, smooth, resistant to compression and traction, free of cracks and free from all traces of products likely to adversely affect adhesion.