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Constructing a proper sub base before fitting the actual artificial grass surface is very crucial for outdoor pitch. Together with the right sand and rubber infill, it guarantees a superior quality artificial grass pitch, with less maintenance, safe to play on and available whenever needed.

This permeable and reliable drainage system sub base consists of several layers. At the bottom, flexible drainage pipes are installed, bedded in a layer of coarse sand, levelled and stabilised. On top of this comes a stabilizing and draining layer (commonly using lava, crushed stone or asphalt). Then a sports technical layer can be installed under or in the artificial grass surface to keep the pitch’s dynamic properties intact. Depending on the sport activity, certain degree of slope is strongly suggested to help the flow of heavy rain water.

Proper sports technical layer also allows for better and more constant ball behavior (ball roll and bounce) combined with excellent shock absorbent qualities. Different constructions of the sports technical layer are possible. It is recommended to install a geotextile to ensure a balanced pressure of the construction, whilst protecting the artificial grass layer as well as the sub base.
The artificial turf comes in 4m width rolls. The rolls are attached to each other by two-component glue and tape.  The tape must be applied symmetrically in the centre of the two seams, or too much pressure will be exerted on the edge of a single seam, which may tear as a consequence. Gameline has to be precisely cut and insert into the field permanently.

The artificial grass surface gets an initial infill of sand to ensure stability. Due to its shape, the sand allows for good water permeability. On top of the sand, a rubber infill is spread to prevent burnings and to obtain excellent shock absorption.  Due to our certified experience, Premium Interindo hence to supply only the acceptable sand specification and rounded shape SBR rubber granule. Both were supplied locally to reduce client’s investment.

Professional application technique with supporting equipments is required to achieve neat cuts, strong bond on the seams and the evenness of sand and rubber infill, so the pitch is flat and not wavy. Premium Interindo had been heavily invested with these equipment and trained manpower to make sure all preparation and application are professionally done.
Please note, every sport has different kind of artificial grass type and infill requirement. Please contact one of our sales representatives to consult the best construction to suit your needs based on your location condition.