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Leisure Grass
Easy to maintain: mowing, weeding and watering are definitely a thing of the past.
Extremely suitable for pets
Always looking green also in warm weather circumstances.
Soft and continuously playable.
No dry spots for instance underneath the swimming pool, or picnic blanket.
Easy to lay, and made to measure.
Suitable for an unlimited range of applications
Our advanced artificial grass products are made of environment-friendly materials containing no heavy metals.
Our artificial grass carpet hardly requires any maintenance at all, so that it does not generate any garden waste or use (chemical) products that pollute the environment.
Due to the rapid uptake of rainwater in the soil, there is no chance of water erosion.
Less water consumption.
No lawn-mowers’ exhaust gasses.
Quality comes first
We undertake to supply a quality product, day after day.
That is why we apply consistent quality controls throughout the production process. As the only artificial grass supplier in the world, we maintain control over the entire process, from grain to carpet.
Due to this unique vertical structure, we can endeavour to innovate in our products and processes in every part of the product cycle.