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Use door mats (or rugs) in the entrance area in order to keep away coarse dirt, grit and stones form the floor.
Attach felt floor protectors to the legs of chairs and tables and all other easily moveable furniture.
When moving heavy furniture, lift it do not drag it across the floor.
Use only roles of type W (soft) for castor chairs.
Remove immediately any water spillage, or other liquid from the floor.
Do not clean the floor with vapor cleaners.
Never submit the floor to wet cleaning ? a well squeezed damp cloth is sufficient.
Never use abrasives on laminate flooring.
Do not use film building cleaning products (we recommend our Laminate flooring cleaner).
Do not wax or polish your floor.
Additional sealing of the flooring is neither necessary nor permitted.
A detailed cleaning instructions as well as a warranty card are available at your local flooring dealer.