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Parquet floor represents luxurious, warm feeling, natural look and trend in design. Actually, wooden parquet floor has been divided into 3 different categories: Solid Parquet, Engineered Parquet and Laminate Floor.

Solid Parquet is 100% pure wood, such as: Jati, Oak, Merbau, Ulin, Meranti, Kempas, etc. Price is the most expensive, and also takes the longest time schedule for installation. It can be easily damaged, but repairable. For outdoor floor, this material is the only option.

Engineered Parquet only has pure wood on the top layer, normally 1mm – 3mm thickness of solid wood. To reduce the cost, this type of floor has been mixed with softwood or multi layer wood in the product construction.

Laminate Floor is constructed layer by layer. It has wide range of wood designs (décor paper) and protective layer on top that determine the class of use (depending on the traffic). In the product construction, the wood is made of HDF (High Density Fibreboard). This type of floor offer the lowest price, and also very simple installation steps.