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Solmet Sport Center (Badminton)
the 1st venue in Makassar that used Sport Vinyl / PVC surface material for Badminton Courts. This material had been approved by BWF (Badminton World Federation) and Fieldturf Tarkett brand had been listed as BWF`s official equipment supplier.

6 Badminton Courts - 650m2

Product: Fieldturf Tarkett - Omnisport Pro 7.7mm
Color: Forest Green

Project accomplished in November 2008
Solmet Sport Center
The most luxurious 2 futsal pitches located in Makassar. By using the top quality grass - Domo VS Excellence 50, this venue also provide a great garden view and cozy coffee shop / lounge to rest after/ before you play. Also check out their 6 badminton courts with International standard certified material.

2 indoor soccer / futsal pitches - +/- 850m2

Product type: Domo VS Excellence 50
Yarn: Fibrillated & Monofilament
Dtex yarn: 15.000 PE

Accomplished date: November 2008
Maestro Kemayoran Futsal
HUGE! - covered area of 4.000 sqm
Largest! - 6 full size indoor soccer / futsal pitches at one place
Most convenient! - located in Kemayoran - Central Jakarta
NEW!! - start operating in March 2008

Product type: Domo VarioSlide Excellence 50
Dtex yarn: 15.000 PE

Accomplished on Apr`08
Outdoor Soccer Field
Jakarta Utara - Indonesia

type: DOMO VarioSlide Excellence 50 C@F
qty: 1,600 m2
supply by: PT. Premium Interindo
accomplished on September `07
Epicentrum Walk center stage - Kuningan
Ide-ide yang muncul terhadap applikasi rumput sintetis sebagai lantai memang menarik. Untuk proyek kami di Epicentrum Walk, sebelah Gedung Bakrie - Kuningan, Jakarta Pusat, telah menggunakan produk rumput Domo Allround sebagai center stage yang sering digunakan untuk konser, acara TV maupun pameran.

Type produk: Domo Allround
Coverage area: 250m2
Accomplished project in 2011

Kami menunggu ide brilliant lainnya yang akan muncul dari arsitek, interior designer dan landscape contractor di Indonesia. Produk yang kami sediakan cukup lengkap untuk di eksplore dalam memenuhi kebutuhan anda.