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Artificial Grass

Artificial grass for sport is getting very popular. Many kind of sports such as soccer, tennis, golf, multisport can use artificial turf as the top surface. With proper subbase preparation, drainage system, slope degree, floor level, water channel and sinking hole, the sport flooring itself will last more than 10 years of use...

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Sport Flooring

Depending on the type of sport and the area of usage (indoor / outdoor), we can help to determine the right sport flooring for your need. We supply Sport Vinyl and Wooded sport system (fix permanent or portable) for basketball, futsal, volley, badminton, table tennis, handball, hockey, gymnastic, and many more..

Our product standard fullfill certification for professional game. FIBA, BWF, IHF, ITTF certificate available.

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Seating system

Audiences or spectactors to cheer players is part of the game. Seatings are one of the important part in sport games. We can supply many types of seatings to fulfill the needs. Both permanent and non permanent seatings system are available. Safety and access is the main concern for our seating system.

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Sport Equipment / Tools

Supporting every sport with the right equipment. We can supply goalpost, safety net, backstop, netting poles and atletics equipment. We are certified by FIBA, IAAF, German TUV & BWF.

Scoring System for sport timing available here.

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