Sport Flooring - Portable System


Simple and practical. You can turn your regular floor into sport flooring instantly. With portable system, there is no more barrier to maximize your hall or big room function. When not use for sport, the wood floor can be stored save in the storage room.

Not forget to mention, this system comes with FIBA Level 1 certification and other sports organization approval such as badminton (BWF), volley, handball, futsal, gymnastic, squash, etc.
















KTL Portable Systems are the ultimate floor solutions in sports halls, arenas and commercial buildings, when fexible floors are required.

  • KTL offers two portable systems, each designed to meet specific demands and performance criteria.
  • The panels are made from 22mm solid hardwood and available in a variety of hard wearing species incl. Ash, Beech, Hevea, Maple, Merbau, Oak, and in both Premium and Select styles.
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling. Panel size: 22x550x2180mm / 1.2m2.
  • Unique flexi-lock clip system incl. hard-wearing nylon shoes for fast and safe installation.
  • Each oor is made to size with an integrated perimeter ramp and supplied with a moisture content tailored to local conditions.
  • Lacquered on both the front and back side for optimal stability.
  • May be installed over concrete or any existing sports floors surface.
  • Complete lay-out plan with individually numbering panels provided.
  • Transport trolleys are also optional for easy handling and storage.