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Sport activities supposed to be fun, entertaining and part of human social life. Concerning safety issues, comfort level and quality product in constructing sport surface are our challenge. With expertise in supplying and installing sport floor material, we had been trusted and fully supported by our business partner Domo Sports Grass (Belgium), ACT Global Sports (USA), Tarkett Sports (France), KTL Wood system (Malaysia & Denmark). Other sports equipment and facility support: Telescopic Seatings, LED Sport Lighting, Scoreboard and Backstops, Goalposts and net poles are available also on our service. By having direct liaison to the manufacturers, any technical issues, maintenance, product warranty and installation knowledge are handled in professional way.

1 Domo Sports Grass 2 Tarkett Sports 3 KTL wood flooring 4 ActGlobal turf 5 Avant seating 6 Bodet scoring system
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Durability, wear resistance, hygienic, slip resistant, long lasting quality, fire retardant and many more public areas concerned flooring specification are our specialties. We act as flooring specialist to help you to specify the most suitable flooring for your office, boutique, school, hospital, hotel, airport, library, mall, theater and other high traffic areas. We had been distributing Tarkett Commercial Vinyl sheet (France)Beauflor LVT (Belgium), Heritage Carpet (Singapore) and Vorwerk Carpet (Germany).

Due to high awareness of anti bacterial, health issue and tremendous hygiene floor surface, our product range can provide you with solution. Vinyl floor sheets is the only floor type recommended for hospital and healtcare as international standard. With current Covid19 pandemic, health is the most concern issue. With the right choice of floor selection, we could reduce the spread of the virus.

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Top quality flooring for your home such as wooden solid parquet (Jati, Bangkirai, Merbau, Kempas, Ulin, Sonokeling, etc), laminate flooring, leisure artificial grass for garden and playground, fashion carpet and cushion floor (residential vinyl). We are distributing Beauflor LVT (Belgium), Kaindl Laminate Flooring (Austria), Domo Landscape Turf (Belgium) and Premium Grade ex Export Wooden Solid Parquet.

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