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acids, alkalis, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, ketchup, coffee, eatables, fruit, fruit juice, ink, iodine, mercurochrome, vegetables, mustard:
Remove with a wet cloth. If necessary, treat the stain with a solution of ten decilitres of water and a decilitre of bleach.
shoe polish, traces of heels:
Treat as soon as possible with household gasoline.
asphalt, candle-grease, chewing gum, grease, oil, tar:
Remove with a dull knife and treat with household gasoline afterwards.
lacquer, nail polish:
Remove as soon as possible, donít let dry. If necessary, remove with a dissolvent.
rust, mould, grass:
Use a solution of ten parts of water and a part of bleach. If necessary, treat with lemon juice afterwards.
oil paint, corrosives, varnish:
Treat as soon as possible, donít rub. Use a household detergent. When it is dry, peel off the paint.
accidents from dogs and cats:
Treat with clean water. If necessary, use a solution of ten decilitres of water and a decilitre of bleach.
Domo cushion floor is a highquality product which gives pleasure for years and years on condition it is maintained properly. The type of house, the site, the colours, the design and of course the amount of daily usage will determine how often cleaning is necessary
Simply remove dust with a brush or vacuum cleaner.
Mop with water and a mild household detergent for optimal cleanliness. For this purpose, it is advised to use synthetic detergents. You are advised against using natural soaps and abrasives because they could be too alkaline or corrosive. Do not use chemical solvents, because they corrode the lustre.
Pleasure for years with these tips...
Use preferably furniture with wide legs or large wheels. Apply coasters.
Remove immediately bad running wheels and sharp metal objects.
Cushion floor can be damaged by burning cigarettes or matches.
Damage by mud and sand can be avoided by using doormats (without bitumen).
Stiletto heels can damage cushion floor.
Fierce long heavy sunlight, it can cause discolouration.