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A pallet can carry up to 20 boxes. To prevent damage, 2 pallets should never be stacked on top of each other. There is a batch number on every box. Before fitting, check that the tiles are from the same batch. It is important that batch numbers are not mixed within an installation in view of slight colour variations which may occur from batch to batch.
The tiles are backed with bitumen.The temperature for fitting must be between 10°C and 25°C, at a relative air humidity of approximately 60%. The tiles should be removed from their outer boxes and laid loosely on the floor for 24 hours before laying so that they can become conditioned to room temperature guaranteeing stability.
There is an arrow on the back of each tile which indicates pile direction. If laid broadloom or half-bond style, all the tiles should be laid with the arrows pointing in the same direction (diagrams 1 and 3). If laid checkerboard style the arrows should be at 90 degrees to the adjacent tile. (see diagram 2) Start laying with a full tile laid at the door, continuing to the middle of the room in parallel with the main wall (see diagram). Make sure that no pile material is trapped between the tiles.

This central point is a starting point for the gradual placement of the other pieces. It is necessary to use good pressure when placing the tiles.
The tiles can be placed in different ways:
all the arrows point in the same direction
arrows at 90 degrees to each other
every row is moved up half a row from the previous one (so that 4 corners never meet)
Lastly, the edges are finished:
• Place the tile to be cut (2) on the tile laid last
• Slide a third tile (3) against the wall
• Cut the tile to be placed (2) along the edge of (3)
• Place the cut tile (2) against the wall
The tiles can be laid without adhesive, but in doorways and for offices and other heavy-wear installations we recommend the use of a tackifier adhesive.

Regular vacuum-cleaning will help maintain the appearance of the tiles. Never use solvents (white spirit, petrol,etc.), as they can affect the colour.
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In case of special installation techniques i.e. installation on stairs or at any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@premiuminterindo.com