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15 November 2016
Futsal on artificial grass, the new trend in Indonesia

Want to spend your lunch hour working out? Want to meet friends and relive the last World Cup Soccer Game, pretending to be Ronaldo? Want to just kick a ball around without risking getting third degree sunburns or getting washed away in the torrential rainy season downpour? Indonesian entrepreneurs have found the answers and set a new trend in the country. Futsal on Artificial Grass! It is played indoors, so no rain or piercing equatorial sunshine can spoil the fun. It is a fun activity, as well as a good workout, to be enjoyed with a group of friends, before and after work, in the evenings and at the weekend. Keep an eye out for these opportunities in your country.

DOMO is happy to contribute to this soccer experience with our Top Quality Domo Varioslide Excellence 50. The fi rst of many futsal venues where DOMO and its partners have supplied and installed our grass is in the Graha Futsal venue in Jakarta.

The owners of the venue chose Domo Varioslide Excellence 50 because of the extreme durability of the grass under the most intense use. Futsal here is played on a 400-600 m² pitch. Needless to say, that every cm² of this pitch is used more intensively than on any larger or full-sized pitch. The grass therefore has to be able to withstand more friction and abrasion, for 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, while still making sure that the customer is able to have a totally satisfying experience so that crucial repeat business is generated. In order to get a maximum Return on Investment, it’s also crucial that the grass can be used for at least 2 lease terms of a venue contract.


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