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Artificial Grass For All Your Residential and Landscaping Needs

DOMO Sports & Leisure Grass is very happy to have achieved a record sale of over 1.000.000m² of Leisure Grass in the fi rst half of 2006. The success of Domo in this segment is largely thanks to a splendidly complementary and varied collection. The assortment of Domo Leisure Grass consists of different high and low-pile qualities. Our qualities are designed for a complete set of applications, such as swimming pools, terraces, hotels and many more.

Our success can also largely be contributed to the fact that DOMO has put a lot of design and effort in its products as well as developed a well thought-out marketing potential. Therefore qualities are available in different convenient sizes, made to measure and come in various attractive and commercial packings. We would like to give you a chance to explore the immense potential of leisure grass by offering you our very competitive products and our years of market experience.

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